Introducing SkyBluePunk

SkyBluePunk build, host, and maintain professional websites. We can even revitalize your existing site! We can look after everything for you, from proof-reading your content to creating an online shop.

We have a range of all-inclusive Website Packages designed to simplify the process of creating your new website. Team one of these with a Maintenance Program to keep your site running smoothly, with minimal effort from you.

In addition to these services, we can set up pay-per-click advertising campaigns, photo galleries, blogs, Google Maps business listings and much more.

Domain Names

Your domain name is your address on the internet, and provides your customers with a simple way to find your business.

One domain name is included FREE with your website.

It is worth considering buying more than one variant of a domain name, primarily to assist people in finding the site, but also to prevent an imposter hijacking the domain name, and diverting business away from your real site.

Our domain name prices are as follows:

Domain NameCostRegister Now
[your business].com1 Year - $75.00
[your business].net1 Year - $75.00
[your business].com.au2 Years - $140.00
[your business].id.au2 Years - $140.00
[your business].net.au2 Years - $140.00
[your business].org.au2 Years - $140.00


Email is a vital tool for communicating with your customers and suppliers. Email addresses using your domain name, for example enquiries@[your business], give a much more professional impression than one hosted by your ISP, for example

We will set up a range of email addresses for your business, which can either be forwarded to your existing email account, or used to totally replace it.


Hosting is the computer space where all the files, data, software and photos that make up your website ‘live’ on the web.

One year of hosting is included FREE with your website.

Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of tuning a website to increase its likelihood of being displayed at or near the top of search results in search engines such as Google.

Google have automated tools which continually monitor all sites on the web, and rank them against each other, with the sole intention of providing the best results for Google customers. Given this, and no matter what anyone promises you, it is impossible to guarantee that your site will appear at the top of the list. However, we have the skills and knowledge to make your site more appealing to Google. We also have the tools to monitor and report on its performance and relative rank.

SEO is included in the initial setup cost.